IsabelLocation Devices, Lina Buck. Image Credit: Sarah Lay

CRITICAL, is an annual discursive program that will be run in collaboration with RMIT’s student gallery, First Site. For each fortnightly exhibition, participants will develop a piece of writing. As part of the program, students are provided with the chance to develop their writing practices, working with their peers and learning from some of the most exciting names in the industry.

CRITICAL is a special project run by RMIT Link Arts and Culture. RMIT Link Arts and Culture helps students get creative at RMIT by offering a diverse program of arts events and activities, including access to funding for artistic projects; support for forming Arts Collectives and more.

For further information on CRITICAL, you can email Katie Paine at katie.paine@rmit.edu.au

Alternatively, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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CRITICAL is proudly supported by RMIT’s Student Services and Amenities Fee.