Conversation One: Hybrid Practice

RMIT Link Arts and Culture presents

CRITICAL: A Cultural Criticism Network: Creating a cultural community that transcends disciplines.

A discursive program, focusing on arts criticism, CRITICAL is run in collaboration with RMIT’s student gallery, First Site.

CRITICAL will run a series of monthly panel discussions and lectures from industry professionals that are open to the public, in addition to a series of fun and experimental workshops and field trips for students. The program aims to engage audiences in interdisciplinary arts criticism discourses: from ficto-criticism and discourses on hybrid creative practices to investigating social media as an experimental platform for criticism.

Whether you mingle fiction with painting, or song-writing and curating, Conversation One: Hybrid Practice is for those interested in concepts surrounding artistic practices that are made up of converging disciplines. This conversation focuses on practitioners that work on the bridge between different schools of thought. The conversation unpacks both the trials and opportunities that combining multiple disciplines can combine, acknowledging that a certain responsiveness and hybridity can be a critical tool for navigating the trajectory of a career in the arts.

***This event took place on the 2nd of May 2017, to watch the recording-please click here.

Speakers include:

Jon Butt
Jon Butt works within a loosely described hybrid practice combining artistic and curatorial roles. His visual arts practice incorporates photographic imaging, drawing, video and sculpture outcomes that support a long-term investigation into physical and conceptual notions of landscape as matter and phenomena. His creative/curatorial practice combines gallery-based or site-based responses and relational, social, public, private actions that orbit around his personal and professional life. Ranging from large-scale programs with multiple artists and sites, collaborative projects with individuals and groups, to ongoing random and durational public/private activities. With 22 years experience in gallery-based exhibitions, art fairs and site specific/responsive projects, he has participated in over 50 exhibitions including NCCA, Charles Sturt University, c3, Centre Pompidou (FRA), Bus Projects, The Narrows, Peloton, 1st Floor, Linden, Seventh, Strange Neighbour, and many more. Jon has a BA (Fine Arts – Sculpture) RMIT was the founder of Seventh Gallery and is the founder and current director of c3 Contemporary Art Space in Melbourne.

Alex Holt
Alex Holt is a Co-Director of Critical Animals, a creative research symposium held annually as a part of This Is Not Art (TiNA) festival in Newcastle. She is a curator and writer who works across both visual and performance art. She has a passion for exhibition making and writing – contextualising and translating contemporary arts practices into exhibitions and experiences for both arts audiences and the broader community. Initially trained and working internationally within the design sector, her interdisciplinary approach informs her approach to working with artists. Recent highlights of Alex’s career include curator of exhibitions at The Lock-Up Contemporary Art Space, Newcastle and Penrith Regional Gallery as well as associate producer of the art fair Spring 1883’s performance program.

Diego Ramirez
Diego Ramirez is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and writer. He works primarily with video and pictures to develop installation projects for gallery contexts. His research-based practice deals with the legacies of colonialism in visual culture He is represented by MARS Gallery (Melbourne). He has exhibited at ACMI: Studio 1 ; Sawtooth ARI; Seventh Gallery (Melbourne); The Substation ; Blindside ARI ; Kings ARI , Art Central Hong Kong; Torrance Art Museum and WRO Media Art Biennale.

Ramirez’s writing has been featured in A+a: Art and Australia (Melbourne); Runway Journal (Sydney); Critical Contemporary Culture Journal (London); Fragmented Magazine (Melbourne); and in catalogue essays for Bus Projects (Melbourne); Kings ARI (Melbourne); Archive ARI (Sydney); Seventh Gallery (Melbourne); Rubicon ARI (Melbourne); and BLINDSIDE (Melbourne).

Daniel Jenatsch
Daniel Jenatsch is an artist and composer whose work centres around music, performance, and video and is concerned with historiography, artistic research and poetry. His experimental opera’s, radio plays and performances have been presented nationally and internationally, in places such as the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, the Athens Biennale, Nextwave Festival, ACMI, Liquid Architecture Festival, the MCA Sydney, and the MousonTurm, Frankfurt. His collaborations include works with artists such as Jonathan Bepler, Atlanta Ek

e, and Silvana and Gabriella Mangano. He is a member of performance art collective New Forms of Life, and music groups Goosehead, Sky Needle, and Guest Board.

Daniel’s compositions for contemporary dance have been featured in the works of Jefta Van Dinther, DD Dorvillier, Irina Müller, Frank Willens, Jan Burkhardt, Frederic Gies, and his work with Atlanta Eke Organ was presented by Liquid Architecture festival and Monash University (2014).

As a musician, instrument designer and sound designer Daniel has worked with Jonathan Bepler, Matthew Barney, Arto Lindsay, KimSooja, Ross Manning, Silvana and Gabriella Mangano, and Maria Von Hausswolf.

Recent works includes an Oratorio, The blind Cannot Discern Colour, premiering at MCA, Natural Mysteries in collaboration with the Brussels Museum of Natural Science and New Forms of Life, KunstenFestivalDesArts. His independent Operatic works include the Radio Opera The Perpetual Equinox, Mousonturm, Frankfurt(2012), the oratorio Cecus Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Art Bar (2014), Upon Contemplating the Sunset, Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney (2015). and A-97, Nextwave Festiva, ACMI, (2016)

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