Danielle is currently completing an undergraduate arts degree majoring in anthropology. She enjoys writing unconventional fiction – questioning and confronting the established ‘rules’ of writing entrenched within academic culture. Danielle is keenly interested in feminist theory, conveying women’s experience and subjectivity, and giving voice to unrecognised and marginalised identities. Her writing provokes feelings that hopefully result in greater engagement with and questioning of conventional political convictions and values.


Andy Butler is an emerging fiction and arts writer. He completed a B.A in English and Philosophy with first-class Honours at the University of Melbourne, and is now terrified of the way academic writing can compromise the arts. He is undertaking RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course. He lives in Melbourne and works in the visual arts sector and community education.


Miles Campisi is a Melbourne based writer, performer and comedian whose work has appeared in Others: An Anthology and The Gazette. Miles’ biggest claim to fame is an incredibly gay puppet show first performed at the 2016 Emerging Writers’ Festival.


Ashley Chaleyer is a part-time student in RMIT’s Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing. Although his practice is at an early stage, he has an interest in using the literary non-fiction form to tell stories about art, history and family.



Nick Chilvers is an artist currently completing a PHD in Fine Art at RMIT, developing the concept of Remote Intimacy in Performance. Having exhibited at galleries such as RMIT’s Project Space and Blindside,  Nick’s practice explores how choreography, media and performance can be used to encourage or provoke feelings of remoteness and/or intimacy. Chilvers’ practice investigates the participatory nature of pop, drawing on the overlaps between music, film, television and contemporary performance art.  Nick also works as an invigilator at ACCA.


A Bachelor of Creative writing student, Peter’s writing practice encompasses conventional art criticism and ekphrastic poetry. Peter Clynes wrote his first poem when he was eight years old; his grandmother told him she loved it so he took that as a sign of good things to come. He started writing again more seriously later in high school. Since then he’s written and performed a lot of performance and page poetry. Published in journals such as Overland, he hopes to one day write scripts for both video games and obscene cartoons.


Shannon Dowling is in her final year of RMIT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts, graduating from the Expanded Studio Practice department. Shannon’s practice focuses on geometric abstraction in painting, drawing and installation. She has a keen interest in critical arts commentary, and plays bass guitar in her spare time. You can find her on Instagram as @_shannon_dowling_
Clare has a background in social and cultural theory studies; and is currently undertaking a Masters of Arts Management; and working towards gaining qualifications in contemporary art curatorship.  Clare completed a thesis as part of her Postgraduate Diploma in Social Theory in 2014, titled The Cultural Logic of New Social Movements in which she explored the latent affects of social movements that occurred in the era of postmodernity on our current cultural landscape.
Nathania is a Melbourne-based writer and video editor. Currently, she’s completing an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Find out more about her work on nathaniagilson.com
Daryl Goh is an award-winning artist, curator and educator based in Singapore and Melbourne. Currently a nominator and judge for prominent art prizes, he lectures at the LASALLE College of the Arts in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London. Among the global publications including print, web and national television that have commended his work, he has been featured alongside Mark Rothko in the publication, The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2015. Daryl’s work has been extended across the globe to prestigious venues including the Carrousel Du Louvre at Paris’ Louvre Palace and the Parallax Art Fair, United Kingdom’s biggest annual art gathering. On top of that, he curated one of Singapore’s largest annual festivals, Noise Singapore’s The Apprenticeship Programme for the National Arts Council (Singapore) that featured more than 70 artists at the Singapore Art Museum. Daryl is the founding curator for NPE Art Residency, and is also on the Advisory Panel and Selection Committee for the prestigious art incubator, The Aquila Trust. He is a frequent guest lecturer and has been a member of the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists since 2012. His works are publicly collected in New York, London and Singapore.



Visual artist/textile maker/backpack projectionist/ photography enthusiast/ and part –time nomad. Melissa embellishes the truth to create abstract prose.

You can find her on Instagram as @neoncubicle



Hailing from Brisbane, Brigid flew the coop of the Sunshine State in early 2016. She has worked and volunteered with a number of arts organisations including Craft Queensland, the Institute of Modern Art (IMA), ArtPlay and BLINDSIDE. Brigid likes eating food and hopes to one day publish an anthology of Souvlaki reviews. Other interests: mums, the 80s, bad hair, footy, beer merchandise and sometimes art.
My years spent travelling the hamlets and mountain passes of South America, of being rocked to sleep while sailing through the Suez Canal has left me with but one final course – postgraduate journalism. These far off cultures and the comical, ever morphing world we see around us, have pushed me towards the joy of telling a story.
Originally from the mean streets of Perth, as of February this year I´ve been calling Melbourne home. But for how long? Not even I can say. Playing music, skylarking with friends and getting near the water are further examples of my many typical preoccupations.


Logan has word-wrangled his way from the untamed wilds of the North to the second year of the Professional Writing and Editing course at RMIT. He writes poetry and makes Sci–Fi soundtrack doomsynth. He believes the written word and art are both means to the place of definitions —an exciting realm where the rank amateur and seasoned theorist can get together and have a drink.
Ruth has recently completed a Master of Arts in Arts Management: her interests in the arts are centred around the visual arts, but is heavily influenced by her background in fashion and theatre.
Currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Writing, Calypso has been published in Rabbit Journal, RMIT’s Others Journal, screened a video essay at La Mamma and written  a two-act musical  for 115 kids between the ages of 4-13.